Tourist services disrupted in Sikkim due to heavy snowfall

BBP NEWS: Around 900 tourists travelling in 89 vehicles were stranded due to heavy snowfall while returning to the Sikkim capital from Nathula and Tsomgo Lake on Saturday evening.

The heavy snow is being cleared slowly and the rescued vehicles leaving for Gangtok, 42 km away, a police officer said.

Some tourists may have to spend the night at a nearby camp of the Army, which has promised all required help for the stranded tourists, the officer.

A senior police official in Sikkim said on Saturday night that more than a hundred vehicles were stuck on the roads traveling from Nathula and Changu due to snowfall. Rescue work started by removing the ice.

He said that it was possible to rescue 14-15 tourist vehicles from that place by 10 pm, many of them were taken to the nearby army camp for first aid. The army also provides food there.